The Drive Home

Driving Jay the five hour trip home was an adventure in itself. She was nauseous and she didn’t feel good. She had to wear a mask if we stopped to eat or take potty breaks.

During Jay’s discharge, I fought for a portable toilet. I was concerned that Jay would have difficulty getting to the bathroom at home. 

At that time, Jay still needed help at the hospital to go potty. The doctor assured me that she would be able to get around just fine, but went ahead and prescribed the toilet.

We also spent time looking for a twin mattress so we could put Jay in the small bedroom on the main floor of our house. That took a surprisingly long time to find. 

No store had anything in stock on their display floor anymore. It all had to be ordered in. Eventually we did find one and continued the drive home.

It was after dark when we finally pulled into the driveway. 

The Unwelcome Guest

The icing on this whole debacle was a skunk on the front porch. 

I could smell it as we pulled into the driveway. It was in a corner as far from the only way out as it could be. 

I threw a couple of little rocks towards it to encourage it to leave, but the stubborn thing stayed put. 

So, like a dummy, I threw a larger rock. That did the trick. It took off and fled the porch, but not before it sprayed. 

The smell was amazing for several days.

We finally led Jay inside. Her grandmother had done a wonderful job of cleaning and sanitizing the house. It was spotless. 

Jay’s room had been moved from upstairs to the main floor so she didn’t have any stairs to worry about. 

She did end up using the potty chair for a couple of days, but, ultimately, the doctors were right; she didn’t need it.

We had a couple of days to rest, and then it was back to Primary Children’s for more treatment.


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