Chasing Paradise: The Beginning of Our Thousand Mile Journey

The Problem

Have you ever heard the phrase "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"? Well, my husband (Vic) and I decided to finally take that journey. For several years we talked about owning our own business. 

We dreamed of what we could do with the "landfall" of money we would make with our business. We discussed the multiple forms of what our business could look like. 

But our ultimate goal in owning our own business, was so we could be together more. Once our two kids came along, that goal became even more important. The job I was working required me to be away from home on a full time basis and I was always picking up extra shifts as well. 


And to make matters more discouraging for Vic, he didn't feel like he could get a worthwhile job in the small town we lived in. This all compounded and made the idea of starting a small business all the more appealing. 

You see, Vic is from the east coast where it's commonplace for people to say "hun" or little epithets like that. We moved out West, and he had a harsh cultural adjustment because one particular person took extreme offense to that and he lost his job. 

He is the kindest, sweetest man in the world, but jobs in this town have been hard for him to get. 

Beginning the Journey

So with wanting to spend more time together and trying to find Vic a job he could be proud of, we started leaning more and more towards starting our own business. 

Being our own bosses, setting our own hours, all sounded better and better. However, we knew that we would have to start small. 

Whatever we decided to start would have to be paid for out of pocket. We weren't about to get a huge bank loan that we would be obligated to pay back or lose our house. That was a lot of stress that we didn't want to put on our lives or our marriage. 

We also knew that we needed to choose a business that we actually liked. Something that we could relate to. After all, what would be the point of creating something that we immediately hated? 

I knew that Vic was a very social person. He loves to talk to people. He also knows a lot about the area we live in. He worked for a number of years at the city welcome center and absolutely loved it. 

His sole job was to talk to people and tell them about sights to see around the town and county. We wanted to use what he learned and loved about that job in our business endeavor. 

Choosing the Business

Finally, it hit us. There was one business we could start from the ground up that we enjoyed as a family. It would allow Vic to visit with people and help them find things to do in the county. 

It is also something we could start with a minimal investment. We decided to start our thousand mile journey; we were going to start a campground. 


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